Golden Globes Red Carpet: Champagne Flowing, Nominees Talk Family, Chance Encounters

Oscar Isaac attends the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - H 2016
John Shearer/Getty Images

"I’m just waiting to see Leonardo DiCaprio."

The big difference between the Golden Globes and many other awards shows? Alcohol.

The Golden Globes is one of the few big awards shows where nominees get to enjoy a cocktail to calm their nerves while they wait for the winner in their respective categories to be announced. On the red carpet before the night got underway, directors, actors, screenwriters and other guests happily carried miniature bottles of Moet Champagne.

For some, the Globes were a family experience. Best original song nominee Wiz Khalifa walked the carpet with his mom, while Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez brought her father.

Nominees often like to share the experience with their family, but Adam McKay’s teenage daughter was having none of it.

"I said maybe you guys want to do a Golden Globes party and get some pizza," he recalled on the red carpet ahead of the show. "And she goes, 'Nah, I’m alright.' So she is hanging out with her friends and not even watching it." The Big Short director continued with a laugh, "My wife and I were kind of proud."

When asked if there was a film from this year that he wished he could have been a part of, McKay answers Inside Out. "I think we’ll be watching that movie fifty years from now."

Like McKay, Inside Out director Pete Docter also took time to talk about his daughter on the Globes red carpet. Docter counts his 11-year-old as a major inspiration for his film, saying, "I think the film was a good way to sugar coat that knot-in-your stomach feeling about the difficulties of growing up."

The looseness of the Golden Globes also allows for chance encounters.

"We met Steven Spielberg," Docter said, pulling out his phone to proudly display a picture of the meeting. "We also saw Ice Cube, and that was big." Unfortunately, Docter didn’t get a chance to get a picture with the Straight Outta Compton producer.

"I’m just waiting to see Leonardo DiCaprio," joked singer-songwriter Sam Smith, who was nominated for best original song for his work on the Spectre theme. "I don’t really care about the award. I am here for Leo."

Director Paul Feig likes the Globes for another reason other than the libation and the possible meet-and-greets. "The Globes have a comedy category. I wish some of the other [awards shows] did," he explained. His movie, Spy, starring nominee Melissa McCarthy, is nominated for best motion picture, comedy or musical.

When showtime neared, more and more stars began to stream down the red carpet.

Quentin Tarantino, with a bottle of Champagne in hand, bobbed and weaved his way through the crowd with the precision of an NFL running back, deftly avoiding any and all questions from the press.

Hateful Eight actress Jennifer Jason Leigh took a different approach to the red carpet melee, and instead slowly made her way down the red carpet, avoiding eye contact and drawing as little attention as possible to herself.

The last person to arrive was Jennifer Lawrence, who was flanked on all sides by security, and Joy director David O. Russell at her side. The group hurried into the Beverly Hilton a few minutes before the show was scheduled to start. 

After Lawrence vacated the red carpet, all that was left were several empty bottles of champagne.