Red-Carpet Tip: What Men Should Do With Their Hands in Pictures

Issue 2 FEA Golden Globes Hands Jason Clarke Silo - P 2014
John Shearer/Invision/AP

Issue 2 FEA Golden Globes Hands Jason Clarke Silo - P 2014

Beware stuffing them in pockets (among other advice), say top stylists: It "can make you look like you have massive hips."

For men, there is an art to cutting a handsome figure on the red carpet. Publicist Tony Angellotti has handled myriad film campaigns and cites George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio and John Lasseter as examples of guys who do it well. "It's clear that Lasseter loves being there, and that's infectious in photos," he says.

But while women can resort to the one-hand-on-hip pose with the other wrapped around a clutch, men are faced with the dilemma of where to place their hands. Guys often might be inclined to stuff them deep in their pockets. "That can look bulky and weird," explains stylist Jenny Ricker, whose clients include Zac Efron and Aaron Paul. "If a man wants to put his hands in his pockets, keep your hands flat and don't put them in all the way, so you don't look like you have massive hips."

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Fellow stylists Jeanne Yang and Ilaria Urbinati agree, favoring one slightly open hand in a pocket and the other around a date or draped at the side ("We call it the GQ pose," says Urbinati). Yang also is a fan of a stance adopted by some British actors, for which she credits their theater backgrounds: "They clasp their hands together as they would to bow at the end of a play. There's a certain humbleness in that."

Urbinati helps her clients, including Armie Hammer and Bruce Willis, prepare for the flashbulb frenzy by taking a photo of them in a suit to determine the best way to stand in it, warning against both hands hanging loosely at the sides. "You see the suit best with a little movement in the body," she says. "I tell them not to stand super-straight."

Other no-nos include placing hands on hips, which doesn't look "as distinguished as one would want," says Ricker. Also, "Don't point at the photographer threateningly!" offers Angellotti. But the best placement for the hands of men walking the carpet this season? Wrapped around an award, of course.



This story first appeared in the Jan. 17 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.