Golden Globes: Winner Gina Rodriguez Solidifies Her Status as an Inspiring Quote Machine

gina rodriguez Golden Globes - H 2015
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 gina rodriguez Golden Globes - H 2015

"It's a very diverse world. Some just tan better than others"

There is no stopping Gina Rodriguez. Unknown this time in 2014, the 30-year-old actress has been cradling the media in the palm of her hand since she first started making the rounds when the CW ordered Jane the Virgin to series.

Sunday night at the Golden Globes only solidified that. Rodriguez's semi-surprise win for best actress in a TV series, musical or comedy prompted a 10-minute heart-to-heart with press backstage at the show. And when she wasn't speaking Spanish with fawning members of the foreign press, she was contextualizing her win in a way few actors could hope to do.

"We have to remember, in a time with Eric Garner and Michael Brown, we're dealing with a society that is so diverse and so beautiful and so human," she said. "We have to remember that we have the same stories. And that is awesome."

Rodriguez who carb-lovers should know had a bagel for breakfast also spoke at length about the young Latina women who have been on her mind since her ride started a year ago. "It was a win for me, because it allows Latinos to be seen in a different light ... it means everything," she said. "When I look into that screen, [I see] we can change the way we think about ourselves. Art has created such a ripple effect. I think it will change the way young girls look at themselves."

It was a doubly big day for Rodriguez. Her critical-darling series also nabbed an early renewal at the CW. "Yeah, we got a second season today," she said. "It's like eating red velvet and knowing it's fat-free and not going to do anything to me. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of this moment, and there's no better way than to tell others that they can win than to follow your dreams. Fear only exists between your two ears."

She also thinks that her series' praise and her win might also help in the uphill battle of obtaining diversity in TV programming. "I'm part of the testament that it's changing," she said. "It's something I get to see every day. I think networks are seeing that when you step outside, it's a very diverse world. Some just tan better than others."