Golden Horse Awards: 'Black Coal, Thin Ice' Leads Nominations

Courtesy of Fortissimo
'Black Coal, Thin Ice'

Asia's most prestigious film awards ceremony will take place on Nov. 22

The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival's executive committee on Friday announced its nominees for the 51st Golden Horse Awards, widely regarded as Asia's most prestigious film awards. 

Chinese film Black Coal, Thin Ice , which won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, leads the way in terms of nominations with eight, including for best feature film, best director, best leading actor and best leading actress. 

Lou Ye's Blind Massage, which picked up the Silver Bear honor in Berlin, got seven Golden Horse nominations. Taiwanese sports themed period piece Kano grabbed six. 

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The Awards Committee also announced that Jimmy Huang would receive this year's Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year Award. Huang produced Paradise in Service, which opened the Busan film festival, Kano and Campus Confidential

The jury for the 51st Golden Horse Awards will be presided over by Joan Chen, a two-time best actress award winner, as well Stanley Kwan, Aaron Kwok, Chen Po-Wen, Hwarng Wen-Ying and Stephen Fung

The awards are part of the Golden Horse Film Festival that starts Nov. 6. The awards ceremony itself will be held on Nov. 22 at the National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei with live broadcasts in all major Asian countries and the U.S. 

Here is the list of nominees in major categories:

Best Feature Film 

A Fool
Black Coal, Thin Ice
The Golden Era
Blind Massage

Best Director 

Midi Z (Ice Poison)
DIao Yinan (Black Coal, Thin Ice)
Ann Hui (The Golden Era)
Wang Xiaoshuai (Red Amnesia)
Lou Ye (Blind Massage)

Best Leading Actor 

Chen Jian-bin (A Fool)
Sean Lau (The White Storm)
Liao Fan (Black Coal, Thin Ice)
Masatoshi Nagase (Kano)
Chang Chen (Brotherhood of Blades)

Best Leading Actress 

Chen Shiang Chyi (Exit)
Gwei Lun-Mei (Black Coal, Thin Ice)
Gong Li (Coming Home)
Tang We (The Golden Era)
Zhao Wei (Dearest)

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