'Golden-Voiced Homeless Man' Lands MSNBC Gig

Ted Williams provides voice-overs for the news channel's 'Lean Forward' campaign, launching Thurs., and will guest on 'The Last Word.'

Ted Williams, the media-tagged "golden-voiced homeless man" who made headlines earlier this week with his Susan Boyle-like story, has been tapped by MSNBC to provide voiceovers for upcoming commercials for its Lean Forward campaign. The commercials will begin airing Thursday evening, when Williams will also appear as a guest on the news channel's The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell.

The one-time radio announcer has been fielding interview requests and job offers -- including one from the Cleveland Cavaliers -- all week after a video, shot by a local news station, of a desperate Williams pleading for help near a Cleveland highway, went viral.