Gomez channels Adams, Petty on new album


DETROIT -- Gomez's next album will revisit the "Summer of '69" -- or thereabouts, according to the British group's Ian Ball. "Basically everything sounds like 'Reckless' by Bryan Adams," said Ball, who's touring to support his first solo album, "Who Goes There." And he's not kidding.

"We're going for the full-on commercial sellout -- fuckin' American classic rock. It works, y'know. There's really nothing quite like a real fist-pumping Bryan Adams tune. It really gets the blood going.

"I don't know if anybody on the band is on board, but I'm in," he continues. "Man, it's so time. We got kids; we need money. So we're gonna write some Bryan Adams tunes -- a little Tom Petty, but mostly Bryan Adams. Our hardcore fans are gonna loooooove us."

Ball said Gomez convened recently for a 10-day writing and demoing session in Charlottesville, Va., home of its label, ATO Records. The group is hoping to squeeze in another 10 days in December and would like to have the follow-up to 2006's "How We Operate" out by summer.

"It's like lumbering around, getting five people together who all live in different countries, pretty much," Ball said. "You have to wait for the planets to align. I know our label's like, 'Let's do it!' and we're like, 'Take our time.'"

Ball is in the midst of a tour supporting the John Butler Trio, though he also has appearances booked at a pair of New York City benefits -- Wednesday's "I'm Not There: In Concert" at the Beacon Theatre and Saturday's Rock for Darfur at Terminal 5. He plans to support "Who Goes There" for some time, whenever breaks from Gomez give him the chance.

"Because I put it out on my own label (Dispensary Records), I don't see this album as having a kind of traditional shelf life of the first two weeks of release and that's it," Ball said. "At some point I'll be returning with Gomez, and when that stops I'll go back and promote this (solo) record again. As opposed to doing a swampload of stuff, I'm gonna do it in a mellow fashion."