'Gomorrah': Marco D'Amore to Direct and Star in Prequel Film Based on Mafia Series

Gomorrah Season 3 - Still 3 -Publicity-H 2017
Courtesy of Sky Italia

Marco D'Amore is set to bring an origins story to the big screen based on his infamous Ciro Di Marzio character.

Fans of the hit Sky Italia show Gomorrah will rejoice in knowing that there is more Ciro Di Marzio on the way. A prequel film has been announced based on the show's central character, Ciro. 

The movie will be directed by and star Marco D'Amore, who also helmed several episodes of the upcoming fourth season of the hit show. Gomorrah writer Leonardo Fasoli, one of Italy's leading TV scribes, is currently penning the screenplay. Principal photography is set to begin in February. Vision Distribution will release the film. 

Gomorrah, based on the Roberto Saviano best-selling novel about the Camorra power struggle in and around Naples, has become one of Sky Italia's biggest hits both nationally and abroad. In Italy, Gomorrah is a cultural phenomenon, ranking higher in ratings than Game of Thrones and many international soccer matches. 

And Ciro is a cult fan favorite. The character survived a deadly earthquake as a child which killed his family, earning him the nickname "The Immortal." He entered an orphanage and early on learned the ways of organized crime. With his seemingly cold heart and cunning assassin skills, Ciro works his way up through the Don Pietro clan, serving as a mentor to Don Pietro's son Genny. 

Beta Film has sold the first three seasons of Gomorrah across 190 territories. The first two seasons aired on Sundance TV in the U.S.

Season four was shot in London and Bologna in addition to Naples. The storyline of the new season, which will be released next year, will focus on Genny and Patrizia finding a balance of power while characters Enzo and Valerio solidify their gang's leadership.