'Gone With the Bullets' Clears China's Censor

Jiang Wen - H 2014

Jiang Wen - H 2014

The 1920s-set epic had its premiere cancelled after censorship issues but is now set for a wide opening — as scheduled — on Dec. 18

After finally receiving the green light from China's state sensor, the gala premiere of Jiang Wen's 3D epic Gone With the Bullets took place on Monday at a specially constructed Imax screening site at the Olympic Stadium in Beijing.

The movie will be all set for its wide opening in 10 days, the film's production company, Buyilehu Films, said, and should be ready for its previously announced Dec. 18 launch date.

"Once it gets past censorship, take your seat and don't move. The cook, Old Jiang, will take the lid off the pot, never mind the heat, and the dish will be served soon," Jiang said in a comment that ran online on several sites before the premiere on Monday.

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"There are some new last-minute developments regarding censorship, and we have to take time to make some adjustments, so the premiere will be postponed," the company had said in a statement on its WeChat social media page last week.

Actor and writer Jiang is no stranger to censorship headaches. Previously seen as the bad boy of Chinese cinema, he was banned for seven years from filmmaking after Devils on the Doorstep back in 2000.