CinemaCon: 5 Things to Know About the First 'Gone Girl' Footage

Gone Girl Ben Affleck - H 2013
Twentieth Century Fox

The trailer for David Fincher's thriller featured a haunting version of Charles Aznavour's "She."

LAS VEGAS – At CinemaCon, the annual convention for movie theater owners, 20th Century Fox hosted a jam-packed presentation, showing new footage from many of its upcoming films of the summer and through the rest of 2014.

One of the major highlights was the first footage for Gone Girl, David Fincher's adaptation of Gillian Flynn's popular book. The story follows a man whose wife disappears, but as fans of the book know, not everything is as it seems with this story. Fans have been eagerly awaiting a first trailer to find out how Fincher and Fox will handle this complicated tale.

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The trailer is likely to hit the web relatively soon, but here The Hollywood Reporter breaks down what we've learned from the footage shown at CinemaCon:

1. It's dark.
The film looks like it will be right up Fincher's alley. Many of the scenes look very dark, with hints of noir. The story is about a man, Nick (Ben Affleck), whose wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike), goes missing on the day of their wedding anniversary. His strange behavior leads authorities to believe that he may have been involved in her disappearance.

2. There's killer music.
The footage is accompanied by a haunting version of Charles Aznavour's "She." Richard Butler from Psychedelic Furs covers the song, and it's a perfect fit for the creepy feel of the trailer. The version of the song Elvis Costello recorded in the ’90s was used in the film Notting Hill.

3. Nick and Amy fight.
The trailer was relatively linear, showing a few key scenes involving Nick and Amy. They start out as a happy couple but, in one scene, they are shown having an intense fight, and Nick grabs her by the shoulders and shakes her.

4. The press and the police bring the heat.
Nick is shown dealing with the press as the search for his wife continues (there are several scenes of people searching in fields and forests). He poses with a "missing persons" photograph of her, but then strangely smiles. That photo is used again and again, especially as the press and the police begin to focus on him. There are scenes of his home being searched (and women's underwear being discovered in his office) and of him being put into a police car. "I did not kill my wife. I am not a murderer," says Affleck's voiceover toward the end of the trailer.

5. Amy underwater.
Toward the end of the trailer, there's a beautiful shot of what looks like Amy's corpse underwater. Her face is cast in a green, glowing light. It's a fittingly haunting image for the very strong trailer.

Gone Girl hits theaters on Oct. 3.

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