'Good Burger'-Themed Pop-Up Restaurant Serves Up Nostalgia and Film's Special Sauce

Good Burger pop up - Publicity - H 2019
Nathaniel Wood

"Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?" Kel Mitchell reminisces about 'All That' and the film spinoff ahead of the sketch comedy's revival on Nickelodeon.

The team behind the Saved by the Max pop-up have worked their magic once again to serve up nostalgia and a '90s hit in West Hollywood.

Adorned with Good Burger posters, set pieces reminiscent of the 1997 film and a giant hamburger protruding from one of its four walls, the pop-up restaurant off of Santa Monica Boulevard has transformed into the sketch comedy set to celebrate the return of All That to Nickelodeon.

When the Good Burger pop-up opens its doors to the public Wednesday, fans of the All That sketch set and the film can feast on actual Good Burgers, Good Shakes and more.

"We actually have a real-life Good Burger that kids can come in and people can come in and experience and have that nostalgia," Kel Mitchell told The Hollywood Reporter

In the 1997 spinoff film, Mitchell starred as Ed, Good Burger's pure-hearted yet gullible cashier turned hero who saved the fast-food chain from destruction. He said that bringing the fictional restaurant to life takes him back to his days working alongside Kenan Thompson on All That and Good Burger

Mitchell described the shenanigans the two would share on the set of the Nickelodeon sketch show, such as trying to crack up fellow castmembers as they performed. The actor specifically remembered throwing a burger into a blender during an old Good Burger sketch as Thompson attempted to deliver his lines. 

"Kenan just couldn't keep a straight face; we just laughed," he said. "It's those moments that I love so much."

The pop-up restaurant touts a menu of classic Good Burgers, chicken sandwiches and chicken strips, courtesy of Eggslut's chef, Alvin Cailan. Other items also include snickerdoodle cookies, banana cream pie and the Beyond Good Burger, for folks who prefer a vegan option.

It wouldn't be a Good Burger pop-up restaurant without the film's secret orange sauce, which is also available. 

Even some of the available cocktails will follow the orange agenda. Diners can quench their thirst with both frozen and draft cocktails like the Suffering Bastard, Aperol spritz and more. 

The temporary eatery offers, in addition to tasty movie-themed treats and drinks, Instagram-worthy spots and photo opportunities throughout the restaurant.

Fans and visitors can pose alongside an orange tidal wave of Ed's secret sauce, under a giant burger or they can snap a photo in the restaurant's good shake machine. 

But if photos aren't so much their taste, diners can also busy themselves in the All That Game room, right by the open kitchen. 

Diners can try their hand at a variety of games, ranging from classics like Jenga, foosball and chess to the Nintendo N64 or quarter-operated arcade games including Zaxxon and Defender. 

Whether they come for the nostalgia and stay for the food, or come for the food and stay for the games, Mitchell said that fans of all ages can find something to enjoy at the Good Burger pop-up. 

"It's funny...the new generation has been introduced to Good Burger by their parents — they watch it on YouTube or their parent had the orange VCR tape," he said. "It's awesome that after all these years it still holds up."