'The Good Doctor' Halts Production Ramp Up in Vancouver Due to Testing Issues

The Good Doctor - DEC 3 -Publicity-H 2018
Courtesy of Eike Schroter/ABC

The show was in pre-production in the hopes of getting cameras rolling by mid-August.

Figuring out how to get production up and running safely during the pandemic continues to be a tricky issue to navigate.

Sources say that The Good Doctor has halted its production ramp up in Vancouver, British Columbia due to concerns about COVID-19 testing for cast and crew.

"There is an issue with COVID-19 testing, which we are working to resolve with the BC Council," confirmed a Sony Pictures Television spokesperson on Friday.

The ABC drama starring Freddie Highmore had been in pre-production and was aiming to get cameras rolling by mid-August.

Sources say the problem stems from around how often individuals on set are tested. Some are said to want to be tested more frequently than the BC Council — a collective of three different local unions — will allow.

One insider says that because the virus is more managed in Canada than in the U.S., the BC Council feels that testing doesn't need to be as frequent as others think it might. The BC Council did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

As is the case for most productions attempting to get up and running again, the situation remains fluid. Testing — both the type and frequency of which — has been a particularly thorny issue for producers to sort through.

Of course, soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful was forced to down production in Los Angeles when it ran into its own testing issues. Production was able to safely resume days later after they worked through the complications.