Ex-‘Good Morning America’ Co-Host: I Was Fired With a 'Hasty Phone Call'

Canadian Kevin Newman says rom-com 'Morning Glory' reminds him of cutthroat morning TV news game.

TORONTO – Former Good Morning America co-host Kevin Newman insists the romantic comedy Morning Glory reminds him of the pressure cooker that is morning TV news, from which he was hired and fired in 1998-99.

“It took me years to repair what nine months as GMA’s male co-host did to my confidence and career,” Newman told Canada’s Macleans magazine after recently seeing the Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford movie about the dysfunctional world of morning TV.

“I was offered the prestigious post in a hasty mid-afternoon phone call from the then-president of ABC News, David Westin. I remember thinking, ‘Shouldn’t this be a bigger deal than a short call?,' " Newman wrote.

That instinct returned nine months later when the phone rang again for Newman, and co-host Lisa McRee.

“We got another hasty phone call saying we were being replaced by Diane Sawyer and Charlie [Gibson],” Newman said.

Soured on ABC, the veteran Canadian journalist returned home to host Global National, Shaw Media’s flagship TV newcast, for 10 years before this summer stepping away to run NewMan Media Ltd.

As for Morning Glory, Newman said he remains a fan of movies about morning TV newscasts over making them.

“For the survivors, there is little glory to be had,” he signed off.