'The Good Place' Star D'Arcy Carden on Final Season and Her "Heartbreaking" Goodbye

"We didn’t take anything for granted this last season," Carden told In Studio on filming the final season of the NBC comedy.

Mike Schur's NBC hit comedy The Good Place has captured audiences ever since its 2016 debut, but now with the final season well on its way, it’s time to say goodbye.

D'Arcy Carden, who plays the artificial being Janet, sat down with The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss wrapping up the series, and the "heartbreaking" moment she wrapped and said farewell to her character.

"Knowing that something is ending for so long, there's a lot of ends. There's the big, giant end and that's a wrap on everything, but there's also these little wraps along the way," she said. "There was one moment where I took my name off of my trailer, which felt really heartbreaking — my name being Janet. It was equally painful, so we were really happy, we being the cast and crew and everybody, knowing that it was ending. We didn't take anything for granted this last season."

Leading up to filming the final season, creator Schur gathered the cast to break down how it was all going to come to an end.

"When I heard that it was going to be our last season, I was sad and mad and feeling bad, not glad, but once he explained what the season would look like and when he explained what the ending was, then it all really made sense and really seemed correct and right and the perfect ending, so I wasn’t mad anymore. I was like, 'Yup, that’s right. You got it, Mike Schur.'"

While Carden will be saying goodbye to one series, she's preparing for another to return, with HBO's Barry's upcoming third season with star and longtime friend Bill Hader.

"I truly can't tell you anything, but that is such a good show. And they have so much fun writing it. I've known Bill for a really long time and it's very fun to see him so excited about something, and so fulfilled by something," she said. "Our little weird origin story is that I used to be his babysitter almost 10 years ago, and I always just knew that this type of thing would be in his future. Like directing and writing and darker things, and so it’s so cool not just to get to see it, but to also be a part of it."

The Good Place airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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