'The Good Place' Star Manny Jacinto Teases "Bittersweet" Series Finale

"Will they, will they not? You have to tune in," the actor said of the future of Jason and Janet's relationship in the show.

After four successful seasons, Mike Schur's NBC comedy The Good Place is saying goodbye.

Star Manny Jacinto sat down with The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss the series finale, saying, "When we all read it at our final table read, when we shot it, it felt very bittersweet. It felt sad, but also happy and full."

Teasing what's to come in season four, the actor explained how you can never predict where the show is going to go. "Whatever you expect to explore in this show, it's going to twist and turn all different ways," he said. "I've tried to make my predictions, the cast have tried to make their predictions, and all of us have failed. We don't know what's going on in the Mike Schur brain."

He also explained how Schur has looped the cast in on the direction of the series. "In the first season, it got out there that we didn't really know what the season one finale was going to be like, but fortunately, as the seasons progressed, (Schur) was able to give us a breakdown of how the season was going to go. So before we started the fourth season, he definitely sat us down and told us the direction of what was going to happen."

While Jacinto remained tight-lipped on what's going to go down in the final season, he teased the future of Jason and Janet’s (D'Arcy Carden) relationship. "All I can say is that as Manny and as D'Arcy, who plays Janet, we both want them to end up together."

He continued: "Will they, will they not? You have to tune in. That peculiar relationship is so fun. I love being able to play with D'Arcy and having scenes with D'Arcy, she’s the best. And that particular relationship, it's so special because [it's] an all-knowing entity and this clueless DJ from Jacksonville, Florida ending up together. That's like if that can happen, anything can happen."

While the end of the series is a "bittersweet" feeling, Jacinto hopes audiences will find the ending "satisfying" and "complete."

"Fingers crossed people will feel as if they've been given a very satisfying and complete ending, and something that's very optimistic. With Mike's shows and with his work, he definitely puts out projects that are positive and it makes people laugh, and it's cheery. Whatever he puts out, it's always in a positive, good sense, and I feel like having read the script, it definitely felt complete and something that people would be like, 'Oh, man. That was truly a happily ever after.'"

The Good Place airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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