'The Good Place' Star William Jackson Harper Prepares for Final Season: "It's Time"

"It's incredibly sad for me, personally. But, you know, it’s time," Harper told In Studio.

Audiences are preparing to say goodbye to NBC's The Good Place after it was announced that the upcoming fourth season will be its last.

William Jackson Harper, who plays Chidi in the series, sat down with The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to share his thoughts on the news, saying, "It's time."

"I could do this show for decades. I mean, it's a great group of people, and I really have a good time. We have a vibe. There are no assholes on set, that's sort of our thing. So it's a lot of fun. But I do feel like it’s the right thing," he explained.

Harper goes on to echo creator Mike Schur's comments that the show wasn’t meant to be a long-running series.

"We're trying to make a story and be honest with ourselves, and be honest with the folks that are invested so much in watch the show. That we want them to see the story that we wanted them to see, rather than we're out of ideas and now we're just treading water until people are tired of us and the story that we're trying to tell is no longer relevant."

"It's incredibly sad for me, personally," he continued. "But, you know, it's time."

Harper added that they're "getting close to wrapping up production" on the final season, adding, "I'm really excited for people to see this. I know how it ends, and I'm so curious to see how people respond to that."  

The fourth and final season of the Emmy-nominated series premieres Sept. 26 on NBC.