'The Good Wife' Costume Designer Recalls Series' Favorite Fashion Moments

Jeff Neumann/CBS
'The Good Wife'

Daniel Lawson's work with Alicia Florrick is coming to a close this Sunday.

The Good Wife is coming to an end on Sunday after seven seasons on the small screen. But before we bid adieu to the CBS hit drama and Alicia Florrick's sophisticated style (as seen on Julianna Margulies), we caught up with costume designer Daniel Lawson to discuss some of his favorite fashion moments from over the years.

Lawson, who will be honored at this year's ACE Awards with Margulies, shared last month that Lafayette 148, Escada, Armani and Narciso Rodriguez were among the designers who influenced the lead character's elegant wardrobe during the show's final season.

"As Alicia became more confident, so, too, did her wardrobe. Her looks became more body conscious; her color palette became more sophisticated; her silhouettes became more modern but always with an eye on the classic," Lawson told Pret-a-Reporter. "Gosh, I will miss dressing Alicia."

And while Lawson noted that it was hard to choose his all-time favorite outfits from the show ("It's been such a great experience all around, and each outfit does mean something to me," he shared), he still mustered up five standout style moments that he found most memorable.

Alicia's Pink and Red Silk Satin Lanvin Evening Gown (Episode 418, Season 4)

"I thought Julianna looked like something out of glamorous old Hollywood. She was truly stunning in the dress; so elegant. The silhouette was evocative of the '50s, but also very modern, just like Alicia, and I thought Alicia made the entrance in that dress that she needed to make for the story."

Alicia's Roland Mouret Red Suit (Episode 616, Season 6)

"I loved this suit so much on Julianna. I had been holding it in her closet for just the right moment and fortunately for me, the moment came along when Alicia won the election for Attorney General. She enters her office and I wanted her to look jubilant and victorious and to absolutely draw the eye when she entered. This incredible suit did all of that for me — for Alicia and for the story."

Alicia's Green and Black Changeable Silk Karolina Zmarlak Suit (Episode 515, Season 5)

"This is the suit she wore when she finds out that Will has been killed. I wanted her to look stunning and the green was so perfect on her, one of Julianna's colors, for sure. I also wanted the silhouette to be evocative of Jackie Kennedy. The wide, stand collar did that. Again, I had had that suit in her closet for a very long time and when this scene came up, I knew it was the perfect suit, but I only had the jacket. Luckily, [designer] Karolina [Zmarlak] had extra fabric and she manufactured the skirt for me in record time. Of course, Julianna's performance was heartbreaking, and I thought the suit supported her performance and the story beautifully."

Alicia's Black 35DL Dress (Episode 517, Season 5)

"This is the dress she wore to Will's memorial service. I loved this dress for a couple of reasons. The asymmetrical neckline was very modern and framed Julianna's face perfectly. The dress definitely had one foot in the classic, which I also wanted, and one in the modern. I was particularly proud of this dress because it was from my clothing line, 35DL, with London luxe brand Number 35. I felt great because it was perfect for the show and Julianna loved it."

Alicia's Black Tahari Suit With a Zebra Stripe Scarf (Episode 101, Season 1)

"The reason I loved the outfit so much and I remember it so well is because it was the first look I ever did for Alicia. It made me feel like I could do this — the job, I mean. Confidence is tough, but once you get that first one under your belt, you feel like you're on solid ground and can relax and just design the show. I will always be grateful for that Tahari dress for putting me on that solid ground."