ACE Awards: 'Good Wife's' Julianna Margulies, Daniel Lawson to Be Honored (Exclusive)

Jeff Neumann/CBS
'The Good Wife'

The actress and costume designer will receive the Style Influencer Award at the Accessories Council's 20th annual awards show.

The Good Wife is ending after seven seasons on CBS and it's not just the legal drama that will be missed — the same can be said about the show's sophisticated style, too.

Even though we'll have to say goodbye to the hit series on May 8, the costume designs aren't going away unnoticed. That's because this year's Accessories Council Excellence Awards — otherwise known as the ACE Awards — will be honoring Good Wife star Julianna Marguiles (who plays Alicia Florrick) and costume designer Daniel Lawson with the Style Influencer Award because as Accessories Council president Karen Giberson notes, "The powerful combination of Dan's taste and Julianna's style is an inspiration."

For Marguiles' part, she can't help but sing high praises about working with Lawson, who was nominated for outstanding costumes for a series at the 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards.

"I am over the moon that the Accessories Council is honoring him. In my book, he should be getting an honor a day," the actress tells Pret-a-Reporter. "Women come up to me on the street to tell me that The Good Wife helped them to understand how to dress for work. I always tell Dan when this happens because I know how much it means to him."

Marguiles adds: "He went to great pains to fully understand each character and dress them according to their story line. His attention to detail is remarkable. Every single thing he dressed us in, from Alicia to a day player, had an intention. I would oftentimes notice a ring on a guest star and immediately understand who their whole character was!"

Ahead of 20th annual ACE Awards in New York on Aug. 2, we caught up with Lawson about the final season's style influences and changes in costume.

Pret-a-Reporter: Congrats on your award! What was your initial reaction when you found out you and Julianna were getting honored?

Well, shocked and thrilled to say the least! It's a wonderful exclamation point to a fantastic run. I love The Good Wife, and to have an industry recognize the influence costume designers, actors and television shows can have on style and trend is incredibly satisfying and humbling. I am so proud that our work in dressing Alicia is being recognized for its influence on style and thrilled that professional women have been inspired to dress in feminine chic ways and can feel confident and empowered in their roles and their lives.

Given that you've worked with Julianna for seven seasons, what would you say is the one thing she’s taught you? And what have you taught her with costume?

Julianna has taught me a multitude of things, both on the professional level as well as the private. She has given me incredible advice on my daughter and career. She taught me that story is absolutely key and always comes first, which I knew, but it's very rare to work with an actress who really believes that and gives you the consent to use that as a mantra on a project. Jules helped me define what is elegant and chic — her taste level is off the charts. I think one of the most important things she taught me was to trust my intuition. More than once, she would agree to a look even though she questioned it, but since I felt strongly about the look, she would wear it. Then after the scene or after she had seen the episode, she'd tell me how glad she was that we had gone with the look because it worked.

I would never presume that I have taught Julianna anything, but luckily, she has mentioned something to me many times so I'm able to answer this question! Jules has told me that I taught her how important fit is. As simple as that.

Which designers were you most influenced by for season 7?

Lafayette 148 was very influential this season, as was Escada and Armani. Lafayette 148 has been a go-to for me for all seven seasons of the show. Narciso Rodriguez was also very important this season for Alicia.

How will we see Alicia Florrick’s style evolve this final season?

Her look started as mix-and-match looks that evolved into elegant, confident, feminine ensembles. As Alicia became more confident, so too did her wardrobe. Her looks became more body conscious; her color palette became more sophisticated; her silhouettes became more modern but always with an eye on the classic. Gosh, I will miss dressing Alicia.