'Goodbye World': It's the End of the World as We Know It, and iFeel Fine (Exclusive Video)

In this exclusive clip, Adrian Grenier and Ben McKenzie play reunited college buddies unaware that a computer virus is about to destroy the planet.

A different kind of apocalypse drama, Goodbye World begins with an intriguing and not-so-out-there premise: What if the end were to begin, as so many things do these days, with a message on a smartphone screen?

Director and co-writer Denis Henry Hennelly (he shares scripting credit with Sarah Adina Smith) has imagined a computer virus called "Goodbye World" that proliferates by sending itself to everyone in your phone's contact list. But Goodbye World wasn't designed to wipe out Candy Crush high scores -- it's here to end the grid-based world as we know it.

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Thrown into this mushrooming mess are two of TV's unlikelier heartthrobs from the mid-2000s, Entourage's Adrian Grenier and The O.C.'s Ben McKenzie, playing ex-college buddies whose relationship went south over a business endeavor.

In this exclusive clip, the pair reunite to bury the hatchet at Grenier's rural compound, where -- wary of precisely the kind of crap-hits-fan scenario that's about to unfold -- he lives a decidedly nonwired existence with his wife (Kerry Bishe). That means no cable, no Internet and, yes, no smartphones. Ben's conservative new wife, Becky (Caroline Dhavernas), rounds out the quartet, but her small-mindedness later gives way to displays of unexpected depth.

The group can only keep the outside world at bay for so long, however, as more college pals (Mark Webber, playing an activist recently released from jail, and Gaby Hoffmann as a woman ruined by a sex tape) soon land on their doorstep, crying doomsday like digital-era Chicken Littles.

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"In our view this is happening all the time -- all around us there's little apocalypses going on all over the planet," Hennelly tells The Hollywood Reporter. "And if they don't affect us we try to ignore them, and eventually you can't."

Goodbye World premiered last year at the L.A. Film Festival, where THR's review said the cast brings "considerable conviction to their roles." The film opens simultaneously in theaters and in VOD on Friday, April 4.