'Goode Family' to return on Jan. 6

Former ABC animated series shifting to Comedy Central

Comedy Central has set Jan. 6 as the premiere date for animated series "The Goode Family."

Comedy Central will run the entire first season of "Goode," which originally aired on ABC in the summer. The series, from MRC, Ternion Pictures and 3 Arts, will air Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m.

"We started building a nice cult fan base (on ABC) and hope those fans will come back and we would be able to reach new fans on Comedy Central, where people are used to such shows," said John Altschuler, who created the series with Mike Judge and Dave Krinsky.

If a success, "Goode" could go beyond the 13 produced episodes with fresh segments, MRC co-CEO Modi Wiczyk said.

"If the show works, the intention is to do more (episodes)," he said.