Google CEO's Controversial Anti-Privacy Statements Edited From CNN Show

Eric Schmidt told those who didn't like snooping Street View cars, which have been found to illegally steal e-mails and passwords, to just "move."

Google CEO Eric Schmidt's blase advice for people who don't want their privacy violated by his site's Street View cars -- just "move" -- was edited out of a CNN broadcast.

Schmidt defended the Google Street View cars, which have been found to illegally swipe e-mails and passwords, on CNN's Parker Spitzer: "Street View, we drive exactly once. So, you can just move, right?" [pullquote]

When pressed by co-host Kathleen Parker, Schmidt laughed, which made it unclear if he was joking. The exchange was shown in a preview clip on, but edited out of the show broadcast last Friday.

Said CNN in a statement to the Wall Street Journal's All Things D, "Producers routinely make editorial decisions about what sound bites to include in their shows. In this case, the clip was posted on and disseminated to other media outlets and was widely available."

The network said Google did not ask that the clip be edited out.

A Google rep said, "The point Eric was making is that our Street View service provides only a static picture in time, and doesn't provide real-time imagery or provide any information about where people are. Of course, we also allow users to request that their home be removed from Street View."