Google Looks to Expand in China

Google Logo - Veteran's Day 2010
Courtesy of Google

After a confrontation with authorities two years ago, the Internet giant doesn't want to miss out on opportunities in the world's biggest online market.

NEW YORK - Google is looking to expand in China to take advantage of opportunities in the world's largest Internet market, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Web giant is ramping up expansion efforts hiring engineers, salespeople and product managers after a public confrontation with Chinese authorities two years ago, during which co-founder Sergey Brin compared China's censorship and suppression of dissidents with the "totalitarianism' of the Soviet Union" where he was born.

Now, the Internet search powerhouse is looking to introduce new services for Chinese consumers, Daniel Alegre, Google's top executive in Asia, told the Journal. The company is particularly hoping for its Android operating system for mobile devices, online advertising and product search services to grow in China, he said.

One key goal is to launch Google's Android Market, which offers mobile apps for users of Android-powered devices, which isn't currently available in China, the Journal said.


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