Google MP3 Store Potentially Weeks From Launching

Google's Doodle salute to guitarist Les Paul

According to a new report, the portal is in negations with record labels to add sales to its five-month-old Google Music.

With Google Music launching in Beta earlier in 2011, the effort could soon expand to include an MP3 store.

The New York Times
reports Google is in final negotiations with major record labels, citing music executives who say the web giant aims to rival Apple and Amazon in the digital music arena.

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Google Music currently operates as a cloud service that lets users stream their music remotely. THe store would likely fall under the umbrella of service.

This development comes after a major push back from record labels in the program's earlier stages. Google's proposed "smart locker system," an online storage system to let users link their music to a central database, left music industry representatives feeling the company wasn't doing enough to curb piracy.

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Neither Google nor the record labels have commented on the plans, but Apple's estimated late-October release date for its own cloud service, iTunes Match, could mean Google is looking to announce before Match's launch.

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