Google pacts with TiVo for TV ad data

Internet firm hopes to ramp up its online auction service

In its bid to make TV advertising more accountable -- and to sell more of it through its online auction service -- Google has teamed up with TiVo, the companies are set to announce Tuesday.

TiVo will provide Google TV Ads with second-by-second viewing patterns of time-shifted programs in order to "enhance the measurement and accountability of ad impressions," they said.

Google TV Ads is a 2-year-old initiative from the Internet search giant for auctioning off television ad inventory on a CPM basis, charging advertisers only for the ad impressions viewed.

"TiVo helps us to more finely calculate how many people are actually watching an ad. It gives us a large footprint of data," Google spokesman Eric Obenzinger said.

Financial specifics of the deal are being kept secret, though TiVo vp Todd Juenger said that Google will get different data than if it simply subscribed to TiVo's Stop//Watch or Power//Watch ratings services, and it will pass that data along to advertisers.

"What you get is a commercial rating for the ads you run on Google," Juenger said.

Google TV Ads has served 100 billion television ad impressions on the cable channels it works with, including CNBC, MSNBC, Hallmark Channel, GSN, Syfy and CBS College Sports.

Advertisers are allowed to pick the specific shows and times and are not required to buy large clusters. Google takes what amounts to a transaction fee.

Google says about 30% of those purchasing inventory are advertisers who never purchased TV ad time before, while other companies, like Priceline, Jenny Craig and Coldwell Banker, are more familiar advertisers to TV audiences.

TiVo joins others in providing data to Google TV Ads, including the leader in TV audience measurement, Nielsen, the parent company of The Hollywood Reporter. Data concerning live set-top TV viewing also is provided to Google TV Ads from Dish Network.

The announcement of the Google relationship coincides with TiVo's quarterly financial report scheduled for after the closing bell Tuesday.