Google Plans to Sell Internet-Enabled Glasses By Year-End

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They can stream information, make it visible via a small screen and overlay data about nearby locations and friends.

NEW YORK - Google plans to start selling glasses by the end of the year that can stream online information and make it visible via a small screen near the eyes, the New York Times reported.

Citing Google employees familiar with the situation, the Times said the Android-based glasses are likely to cost around the price of current smartphones, or $250-$600, and are expected to be used when needed to look up information - like smartphones.

They are expected to have a 3G or 4G data connection, motion sensors and GPS, according to the Times. Plus, a built-in camera will be able to monitor the wearer's surrounding and overlay information about locations and friends who might be nearby, it added.

Users are expected to navigate information via head tilting that allows scrolling and clicking through information, according to the paper.

Google has discussed the privacy implications of the glasses and wants to ensure that people know when they are recorded by the built-in camera.

A Google spokesman declined to comment on the glasses, the Times said.


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