Google Promotes Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' With Interactive Digital Hub

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Buy movie tickets through the Interstellar Space Hub

Movie theaters might be turning back time to project Christopher Nolan's Interstellar on film, but Paramount Pictures is forward-thinking with its marketing strategy for the highly anticipated project.

The studio announced Friday that it has partnered with Google to bring audiences a digital hub around which they can gain access to additional content about the sci-fi film, which stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain

The search giant has launched the Interstellar Space Hub to bring fans content from across its platforms, including the Google+ social network, Google Play digital store, YouTube and Google for Education. The hub includes a movie ticket buying function, interactive content discovery feature Space Hunt and links to a Solar System Builder app available for download. Those who have seen the film are also invited to give feedback through the hub. 

"Having the power of Google behind our efforts to inform the audience and enhance their experience of Interstellar is an exciting new development in the relationship between filmmakers and audiences," said producer Emma Thomas. "Google has provided the ultimate hub for the theatrical experience, and now, for the first time ever, there is a mechanism for audiences to give direct feedback to the studio about the quality of the technical presentation." 

Paramount distribution and marketing chief Megan Colligan noted that Google "is at the forefront of exploring the unknown and seeking new information, two major themes in director Christopher Nolan's film."

Google also will work with Paramount to compile user-generated content into a short film curated by Google Play and Nolan. Called The Time Capsule Project, the film will be available early next year. In addition, the cast will participate in a live Google+ Hangout, Google for Education will offer its first movie-themed lesson plans inspired by Interstellar beginning in mid-October. 

"Google is excited to help our studio partners develop innovative marketing programs that support the lifecycle of their films," said Brian Irving, Google Play's global head of marketing. 

A website for Interstellar first launched in June with a 360-degree panorama of a prairie landscape, but that domain now routes to the Google-hosted page, and the original interactive page now appears on an international site for the film

Nolan made waves with theater owners earlier this week when Paramount and Warner Bros. announced that theaters equipped to project 35mm and 70mm film would get Interstellar two days early, on Nov. 5. The film is in theaters everywhere Nov. 7.