Google Revenue Surges to Nearly $14 Billion in the First Quarter

Larry Page
Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

The leader in Internet search earned $3.35 billion in the three months ending March 31.

Google shares were advancing after the closing bell on Thursday once the company reported a 31 percent climb in revenue to almost $14 billion during the first quarter and net income that rose 16 percent to $3.35 billion.

Without Motorola Mobile, a recent acquisition, Google's revenue would have been up 22 percent to $12.95 billion.

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During a conference call with analysts, Google CEO Larry Page used the opportunity to tout new products and improvements on old ones. "I get chills," he said, when using Google Glass, the company's new computerized eyewear.

He also spoke of "speculative projects," like cell phones with unbreakable glass and extremely long battery life.

He said Google is working on ways to improve advertising, making sure that online commercials appear effectively across myriad devices.

He boasted that Google Play, the company's electronic, online store, has signed deals with all the major music labels.

Google said the number of paid clicks rose 20 percent but that the cost-per-click decreased 4 percent.

Google shares dropped $16.65 to $765.91 Thursday but were advancing more than $5 after the closing bell.