Google says 'traffic-shaping' technology unjust

Company backed smaller Canadian ISPs

TORONTO -- Google on Tuesday branded the use of "traffic-shaping" technology by domestic phone giants to choke off BitTorrent and other bandwidth hogs as "unjust discrimination" and contrary to Canadian law.

"The Internet is simply too important to allow Bell and other broadband Internet access services to act as such a gatekeeper; the Internet's myriad benefits can only be fully realized when Canadian carriers allow end users to choose the applications and content they prefer," Google said in a 15-page filing to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

The CRTC is weighing the right of phone carriers to use packet filtering technology to manage Internet traffic.

Google gave its backing to smaller Canadian Internet-access providers that lease phone lines to provide their service to Canadians.

Bell Canada and other phone giants have told the CRTC that they should be allowed to hamper serial file-sharers that greatly slow the time it takes online subscribers to legitimately transfer music, video, software and other large files.