Google Shows Reported Interest in Hulu Purchase

The web company joins Microsoft and Yahoo in the potential buyers circle.

You can officially add Google to the list of suitors interested in purchasing Hulu, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Not that it’s surprising, because the moment Hulu acknowledged it was seeking a buyer speculation focused on Google and a few other big Web companies.

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The Times and other outlets say Hulu’s potential buyers also include Microsoft and Yahoo. Analysts have also noted that AOL and could benefit from acquiring the Internet site owned co-owned by Disney, News Corp., NBC Universal and Providence Equity Partners.

The three media conglomerates with ownership stakes in Hulu are also its primary suppliers of TV shows and movies for streaming. Disney and News Corp. recently renewed licensing agreements and NBCU – per its agreement to be acquired by Comcast – is obligated to supply programming under terms struck by the other two content partners.

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The terms of those deals are still under wraps, but if they do not extend for a lengthy period of time it could hurt Hulu’s chances of getting top dollar from an acquirer. Analysts figure the company could fetch from $2 billion-$3 billion.