Google, Sky team for broadband


U.K. satcaster British Sky Broadcasting and Internet giant Google said Wednesday that they are teaming to launch Web-based services to Sky's broadband customers (HR 12/7).

The wide-ranging set of multiyear pacts between the two outfits aims "to create a compelling and customized experience for Sky Broadband customers," the parties said.

Sky becomes Google's first partner globally to deploy Google's suite of search, advertising, communications and video services, all of which will be tailored and branded for Sky's fast-growing broadband platform.

The satcaster aims to ensure that broadband customers obtain "customized access to the full benefits of Google's evolving suite of innovative products for PC, TV and mobile."

Sky and Google will collaborate across three key sectors: video, communications and search and advertising, the parties said.

The Rupert Murdoch-owned U.K. satellite operator said it plans to launch a multiplatform User Generated Video portal —currently dominated by Google-owned YouTube and MySpace —powered by the first global deployment of Google's syndicated video content tools.

Sky Broadband customers also will be offered access to a comprehensive online communications platform including Google Mail, which will use the popular e-mail address.

Finally, Google is expected to provide its search tools and targeted search advertising across Sky's portfolio of online sites.