Google TV Stumbles as CBS, Fox Bar 'Glee,' 'NCIS'

Les Moonves
Bloomberg/Getty Images

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"The mother lode is network advertising and syndication,” Les Moonves says. "Do I want to jeopardize that -- yet -- for a couple of bucks?"

Google TV is facing more hurdles as CBS and Fox bar their rating juggernaut shows like Glee and NCIS.

"The mother lode is network advertising and syndication,” CBS CEO Les Moonves said at a conference in New York this week (as picked up by Bloomberg). "Do I want to jeopardize that -- yet -- for a couple of bucks?"

Prime-time shows streamed online show four minutes of ads per hour, while those broadcast during primetime show 16 minutes -- a 75% decrease, L.A.-based analyst Laura Martin points out to Bloomberg.

CBS is in no rush to sign up its programming on Google TV. (Also dragging their feet for now: Hulu, the site owned by NBC, News Corp. and Walt Disney Co. parent ABC, which just signed a deal with Netflix.) Moonves says the net is not in formal negations with Google, which isn't offering to pay for TV shows, but he says execs regularly meet with Google, Netflix and Hulu.

"The trains are not leaving the station,” Moonves added. “‘Uh-oh, if you don’t join fill in the blank -- Apple TV, Google TV, Netflix -- today, it’s not going to be there tomorrow.’ Yes, it is. They’re going to want our stuff."

Time Warner Inc.'s HBO subscription channel HBO -- which doesn't show commercials -- TNT, and TBS are letting customers who have pay-TV subscriptions stream their shows on Google TV.

“Hollywood owns the content and they won’t change their business model just to accommodate one company,” Anthony DiClemente, an analyst at Barclays Capital in New York, tells Bloomberg. "At some point Google will have to decide whether it wants to be in the television business."