GOP Convention: Police Form Barrier Around Cleveland Public Square as Protesters Gather

Ryan Parker

It is unclear exactly what prompted police to fill the area.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — It was a tense scene Tuesday in Cleveland's downtown Public Square about an hour before the Republican National Contention started its second day when an enormous police presence moved in after protesters seemingly became too rowdy. 

Officers from numerous police departments from around the country were in the park and ultimately formed a barrier with their bodies around the space so no one else could enter. People were allowed to leave the area, but not re-enter. The square had been designated a free-speech zone.

It is unclear exactly what prompted police to fill the area.

Supporters of Donald Trump and those against him shouted back and forth at one another, but nothing violent took place as far as this reporter witnessed.

At one point, as more authorities moved into the area, a protester blared a fanfare musical number over a loud speaker. It did not appear arrests were made, but multiple individuals were told repeatedly to stop trying to get past officers, into the park. 

After about an hour, the largest group of protesters began to leave the area and march into the street. Officers on horseback secured some paths leading to the Quicken Loans Arena where the RNC would begin at 5:30 p.m. ET.