GOP Debate: Donald Trump Blasts "Ridiculous Questions," Mocks Opponents

GOP Debate - H 2015
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GOP Debate - H 2015

"That’s why he's on the end," Trump cracked about Ohio Gov. John Kasich during Wednesday's CNBC event.

Donald Trump reiterated his points on immigration one moment and took shots at other candidates the next on Wednesday night during the GOP debate on CNBC. 

One of the first Trump moments that made social media light up was when all candidates were asked about their weaknesses. Many of the candidates dodged the question, but Trump gave a seemingly honest answer.

"I'm too trusting," said Trump. "And if they let me down, when they let me down, I never forgive."

Still, the stoicism did not last. Not long after the first few questions, Trump was in attack mode and set his sights on Ohio Gov. John Kasich, with Trump taking a shot by talking about Kasich's low poll numbers. “That’s why he’s on the end,” said Trump.

The real estate mogul also took umbrage with the moderators' queries, criticizing the CNBC hosts for "nasty and ridiculous questions."

When asked if he would feel more comfortable if his employees brought guns to work following recent mass shootings, Trump said yes, he would. In addition, he said he carries a gun from time to time, for which he has a concealed carry permit. "I do carry on occasion. Sometimes a lot, but I like to be unpredictable so people don't know exactly when I'm carrying."

Trump said he is against gun free zones, saying "those are target practice for the sickos and mentally ill. They look around for gun free zones."

In his closing statement, Trump said the country does not "win" anymore, but he can change that, and he pointed to his making CNBC — he claims — limit the debate to around two hours instead of three or more. 

"Everyone said it was going to be three hours, three and-a-half, including [moderators]," Trump boasted. "And in around two minutes, I renegotiated it down to two hours, so we can get the hell out of here. Not bad. And I'll do that with the country. We will make America great again."