GOP Debate: Donald Trump Booed, Cheered While Ripping Opponents

Donald Trump - H 2015
AP Images

Donald Trump - H 2015

"Why does she keep interrupting everybody?"

Donald Trump received both cheers and boos Tuesday during the fourth GOP primary presidential debate in Milwaukee, Wis. hosted by Fox Business Network. 

The former Apprentice host was met with applause when talking about his policies on issues, but the crowd did not like it when he took shots at other candidates. 

He was booed twice when he tried to put Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Carly Fiorina in line. 

Kasich said Trump's immigration plan would never work. Trump fired back with the fact that he built a company worth millions and millions of dollars, so "I don't need to hear from this man, believe me," Trump said. "I don't need to hear from him."

Trump was hit with more boos later on when he took a shot at Carly Fiorina.

"Why does she keep interrupting everybody?" Trump said while the group was trying to talk over one another. 

As far as the issues, Trump took a firm stance on illegal immigration, once again mentioning drugs. 

"[Illegal immigration is] causing tremendous difficulties in terms of drugs and what that does to our inner cities in particular," Trump said. "You're going to have to send people out. They're going to have to go out ... and hopefully they'll get back. But we have no choice if we are going to run our country properly and if we are going to be a country." 

Trump said he was against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, saying it would lead to "nothing but trouble." 

Concerning foreign policy, Trump said he knows Russian President Vladimir Putin "very well" from when the two were on 60 Minutes. "We were stalemates ... We did very well that night," Trump said.

In his closing remarks, Trump said America could once again be great under his leadership. He also managed to work in one last shot at Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, saying she must not be elected president, calling her "the worst Secretary of State in the history of our country." 

That statement was met with cheers. 

When the debate was over, the moderators received favorable feedback from the candidates, a sharp contrast from CNBC's debate last month. Trump told host Neil Cavuto that he "really enjoyed" the debate. "You were fair and professional," Trump continued. "After that last catastrophe, I think you did a great job."