GOP Debate: Donald Trump Interrupted by a Heckler


The Republican presidential candidate was cheered and booed.

Donald Trump took multiple shots at fellow GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush, was booed and interrupted by a heckler Tuesday night during the fifth GOP presidential primary debate.

"I know you're trying to build up your own energy Jeb, but it is not working," Trump said at one point as the two went tit for tat over proposed policy.

Trump called Bush "a very nice person," but said his campaign is “a total disaster” and “nobody cares.”

At another point, Trump antagonized Bush by saying, "you're a tough guy, Jeb, I know," when the two were taking about being strong enough to be commander in chief. Trump then touted his leading poll numbers.

Trump said he is "very committed" to running as a Republican when he was asked about a potential third-party bid. "I will do everything in my power to beat Hillary Clinton," Trump added. 

Trump was loudly booed at one point when talking about limiting parts of the Internet and monitoring other sections in a move for more security against ISIS. 

"I just cant imagine someone booing," Trump said in response. "These are people who want to kill us folks, and you're objecting to us infiltrating their conversations? I don't think so." 

At one point, a heckler inaudibly interrupted Trump. He did not respond to the person's yelling. 

In his closing remarks, Trump -- as he has stated in previous debates -- said "our country doesn't win anymore." However, he said that if he were elected president, that would all change. "We will win again. We will win a lot," he said. 

The debate — the second hosted by CNN — was moderated by Wolf Blitzer and took place in Las Vegas.

Nine candidates participated in the main debate; their stage placement was based on an average of national poll numbers from November and December.

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