GOP Presidential Debate on CNN: What Hollywood Is Saying

GOP Presidential Candidates Republicans - H 2011
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GOP Presidential Candidates Republicans - H 2011

Kathy Griffin, Aisha Tyler, Joy Behar and Piers Morgan are among those cracking jokes at the candidates' expense.

The GOP presidential candidates took part in their 12th debate Tuesday night in Washington.

During the CNN-sponsored debate, which centered on national security, the candidates fielded questions on foreign policy, the Patriot Act, TSA screening methods and whether Pakistan should receive aid from the U.S.

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Taking part in the debate were Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, businessman Herman Cain, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.

During the live telecast, several people in Hollywood hit Twitter to weigh in -- and mostly crack jokes about the candidates -- including Kathy Griffin, who tweeted a photo of her pet.

"Larry the dog is a little skeptical re the Republican debate tonight," she wrote.

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Several others live-tweeted the event. Among them:

The Talk co-host Aisha Tyler:

--Did Santorum just call Africa a country? Oh. Dear. F*^king. Lord.
--"My name is Michele Bachmann, and for every point I lose in the polls, I apply one more layer of eyeshadow."
--Bwahah! Gingrich just used the phrase "mindless bureaucracy of the city." He's like a pit bull who pees on other dogs for biting.
--BTW don't drink during these debates. It will only make you belligerent. #politicsandbourbondontmix
--Bachmann is adorable with her third person refs. "My voice said this: I am looking forward to the talent portion of the evening!"
--Who thinks Romney powers down like a robot when he gets home at night?

Actress Ellen Barkin:

--Does everyone who is just an average concerned citizen realize, that the destruction of this country was & is right in that room.
--Did Santorum just say "Pep fart"? Maybe he needs to clean out the santorum. You're supposed to, ya know.
--Wait Newt, where did Wolf put his finger...finish your sentence.
--Anyone in that muthaf---in room is too f---in dumb and scared to have a question.
--I gettin it...Ron Paul...a lil bit Mr Magoo, lil bit Walter Brenan, lil bit Tweety Bird and a lil bit Jim Crow
--Mitt is gettin his big Mormon panties in a twist. Bring it, bitches he's gettin his fight on
--O no,now these muthafuckin assholes r hijacking my fuckin T-fuckin-V.These debates r a full season of a mediocre reality show w vampires!

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The View co-host Joy Behar:

--Ron Paul thinks they're all kinda dumb, I think. He can hardly disguise his contempt
--Ron Paul is the most rational tonight#cnndebate
--I'm glad Rick Perry remembered his wife's name.

Piers Morgan Tonight host Piers Morgan:

--Good start by Rick Perry - he remembered how long he's been married.
--Why so few attacks on Obama tonight? Because he's done pretty darn well on national security & foreign policy, and they know it.
--My leader-board so far: 1) Gingrich 2) Huntsman 3) Romney
--I don't think many Americans are currently looking at Michele Bachmann and thinking: 'That's my next Commander-in-Chief.'

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CNN's John King:

--like him or not, newt makes strong points re strategy vs tactics and small ball vs serious debates re big defining issues.
--it's #superfail or #epicfail time ... perry calls on secdef panetta 2 resign in protest over defense cuts on the board now.
--romney says israel would be first international trip; tradition is mexico or canada.

Comedian Doug Benson (VH1's Best Week Ever):

--All of Herm Cain's answers can be summed up as "I'd look into that and figure out what to do."
--"Raise taxes on the poor" -Basically what Rick Perry wants to do.
--There's something people don't like about Mitt Romney. (People = me.)
--Herm Cain mentioned over simplification and in the same sentence referred to Wolf Blitzer as "Blitz."
--Michelle Bachmann is there, but where are Inky, Pinky and Clyde? #Blinky