Gore, partners organize greatest shows for Earth


Al Gore is taking his campaign about the planet's climate crisis global with the multiplatform launch of Live Earth, a 24-hour series of concerts set for July 7 across all seven continents that will get a massive media push.

Joined by event producer Kevin Wall and actress Cameron Diaz, the former vice president and star of the Academy Award-nominated "An Inconvenient Truth" announced the event Thursday at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

"In order to respond, we have to get the message of urgency and hope out to billions of people around the world," Gore said about the event, part of a larger effort founded by Wall dubbed Save Our Selves (SOS) -- The Campaign for a Climate Crisis with an aim to trigger a worldwide environmental movement.

Designed to reach more than 2 billion viewers, Live Earth will be televised through NBC Universal's TV networks, broadcast over Sirius and XM satellite radio and streamed through online partner MSN.

"This is a crisis," Gore said. "We can solve it, we will solve it, but the billions of people and the world have to hear the call and answer it."

Wall, who was executive producer of 2005's Live 8 and is CEO of digital entertainment provider Control Room, which is producing the event, said that after he and his wife walked out of the premiere of the Oscar-nominated "Truth," he was motivated to launch the global crusade.

"This is a tipping point to create a movement," Wall said about the 24-hour global broadcast featuring concerts from four to eight hours in length with more than 100 musical acts ranging from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bon Jovi to Corrine Bailey Rae and Faith Hill. "It's an unprecedented media distribution that's never been achieved by any event ever before."

The concerts will be staged in Shanghai, Sydney, London, Johannesburg, South Africa, and cities to be announced in Japan, Brazil and the U.S. One concert will take place in Antarctica, Gore said.

Also appealing at Thursday's news conference were music producer-musician Pharrell Williams and Joanne Bradford, corporate vp and chief media officer of MSN.

"We really believe we can be the global Internet provider to tell this story," said Bradford, noting the reach of MSN's 465 million users worldwide. "This isn't just about one day for us. Everything on MSN will have a point of view, from our messaging on. We believe it's one of the largest events ever undertaken on the Web, and we're putting our services behind it."

Asked whether he plans to run for president again, Gore, who trains volunteers through his Nashville-based Climate Project, said he was involved in a different kind of campaign now.

"The movie, my slideshow -- it's all aimed at a message I've been trying to communicate for 30 years: that we face a planetary crisis, one that we have all the means to solve."

For her part, Diaz, who made Thursday's opening remarks, said that if each person just changes one aspect of their lives, that alone will bring everyone one step closer to solving the problem.

"The great thing is that we can do something about it," she said. "And we're going to throw a party first and make sure everybody hears it."