Fashion Model, Blogger Has Hand Amputated After Being Hit by Plane Propeller


Lauren Scruggs, a former intern for "Gossip Girl's" wardrobe department, injured the left side of her body, her head and shoulder area on Monday.

Fashion model, blogger and one-time Gossip Girl wardrobe department intern Lauren Scruggs is recovering in a Texas hospital from injuries sustained when she accidentally walked into a moving airplane propeller on Monday.

The LOLO website editor was struck on the left side of her body after exiting the aircraft, according to a post on the Caring Bridge website. She was primarily hurt on the left side of her body -- with injuries to her head and face, shoulder area and hand, which was later amputated.

"Following multiple surgeries, Lauren has received facial and shoulder reconstruction, as well as the loss of her hand. We are currently praying for healing on the left eye and brain. With daily healing, Lauren is beginning a long road to recovery," the statement said.

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The FAA is investigating the accident, which took place at a private airport in McKinney, Texas.

Scruggs had been traveling in the two-seat airplane to look at Christmas lights around the state, reports People.

In a post on her LOLO website, Scruggs described her fashion inspirations, "my love for fashion has been tightly sewn through interning in wardrobe for gossip girl, the michael kors showroom, and reporting for new york, paris, and montreal fashion weeks.

"but style is what has really stolen my heart, which incorporates all of life. cooking new recipes, learning new languages, meeting new people, indulging my curiosities, and stretching my imagination are my general crushes, and my blog is my outlet for sharing my inspirations."