'Gossip Girl' Stylist Launches Own Clothing Line

Want to dress like Serena and Blair? Eric Daman's looks will be available in Charlotte Russe Oct. 24.

Want to dress like Serena and Blair?

"Gossip Girl" stylist Eric Daman is releasing a clothing line in teen stores, Charlotte Russe, AOL's StyleList reports.

The party dress and accessory line -- with all pieces under $50 -- will be called Eric Daman for Charlotte Russe. Daman has been working as the stores' creative director for several years.

"I really feel I know the Charlotte Russe customer so well," Daman said. "And I felt the need to do party dresses because there is such a void out there for cute, fun, not-superexpensive dresses."

"They are designed in a way that they each have their own personality," Daman continued. "In this collection, there is a different shape and size dress for every girl."

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