Gotham Group Nabs Remake Rights to Italian Horror Pic 'The Nest' (Exclusive)

Loris T. Zambelli
'The Nest'

Italian director Roberto De Feo's debut movie debuted at Locarno last year.

The Gotham Group has picked up the English language remake rights to the Italian feature film The Nest (Il Nido), Italian director Roberto De Feo's debut feature.

The horror pic premiered at the Locarno Film Festival last year and was released theatrically in August 2019. The Nest portrays a young boy growing up in a rural mansion dominated by a heartless matriarch, Elena (Francesca Cavallin), who goes to sadistic lengths to protect her crippled son, Samuel (Justin Alexander Korovkin), from the dangers of the outside world.

It takes the arrival of a new girl to push the young boy to the outside world. The Nest, produced by Colorado Film and Vision Distribution, performed at the Italian box office and was sold to France, Japan, Russian, Poland and Taiwan.

De Feo directed a handful of well-received shorts before his first feature with The Nest. Gotham Group previously found YA adaptation success with the Maze Runner franchise.

The management-production company also produced Stargirl, based on the best-selling novel by Jerry Spinelli, and the indie drama Kodachrome, starring Ed Harris, Jason Sudeikis and Elizabeth Olsen.

On the TV front, Gotham is in postproduction on the pilot Masters of Doom, based on award-winning journalist David Kushner’s novel, at USA and is developing Washington Black, based on Esi Edugyan’s acclaimed novel, with Selwyn Hinds adapting, Anthony Hemingway directing and Sterling K. Brown producing.