'Gotti' Trailer: John Travolta Dodges the Law as Mobster John Gotti

After a complicated production history, the film is set to hit American theaters on June 15.

John Travolta transforms into infamous Queens-based mobster John Gotti, who graced magazine covers in the 1980s, in the upcoming film Gotti.

Until his murder conviction in 1992, Gotti was boss of the Gambino crime family and one of the most powerful American mobsters. After three high-profile trials throughout the 1980s all ended in his acquittal, he earned the nickname "Teflon Don" for his legal resilience, though later reports found that the winning streak came at the hands of jury tampering and witness intimidation.

Fresh off of his Emmy-nominated role as O.J. Simpson lawyer Robert Shapiro on American Crime Story, Travolta appears to be in his element portraying another flamboyant media mainstay in Gotti.

The film, which Travolta has long pursued, has had a lengthy and complicated production history, encountering a number of false starts. While in development, Gotti cycled through multiple directors (Nick Cassavetes and Barry Levinson were each attached at one point) and stars (Lindsay Lohan was once reported to be part of the project). Lionsgate Premiere, a day-and-date theatrical and VOD label, had been set to distribute the pic, but, with the help of Sunrider Productions’ Edward Walson, producers bought it back and have arranged for a wider release on June 15 through Vertical Entertainment.

Gotti, directed by Kevin Connolly (Entourage), will screen privately at Cannes on May 15 before opening in the U.S. a month later.