Gotz Otto playing Moon Nazi in 'Iron Sky'

Actor played SS officer in 'Downfall'

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CANNES --  German actor Gotz Otto will don jackboots once again for his new role as Moon Nazi officer Klaus Adler in the Finnish sci-fi comedy "Iron Sky."

Otto, who played an SS officer in the Oscar-nominated "Downfall" and a heavy in James Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies," has signed up for the indie project. The plot is pure pulp: Nazi officers who escaped to the Moon before the fall of the Third Reich have built up an army and plan to invade the Earth.

Also signing up for duty on "Iron Sky" are veteran German actors Tilo Pruckner ("The Counterfeiters") and Udo Kier ("Blade"). Newcomer Julia Dietze ("1 1⁄2 Knights") also will star.

Finland's Blind Spot Pictures and Germany's 27 Films are co-producing "Iron Sky" with Blind Spot's Timo Vuorensola directing. Vuorensola and Blind Spot recently scored a surprise hit when their Finnish-language Star Trek parody "Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning" was picked up for video release in the U.S. and U.K. by Revolver Entertainment.