Gov. Jerry Brown to Sign Increased California Film/TV Incentive Law on Thursday

Gov. Jerry Brown Headshot - P 2014
AP Images

Gov. Jerry Brown Headshot - P 2014

State, business and government officials are expected to attend a high-profile ceremony in Los Angeles

California Gov. Jerry Brown will be in Los Angeles on Thursday morning for an official signing ceremony of the recently passed film/TV tax incentive bill that provides $330 million a year in tax credits for five years beginning in July 2015.

Mayor Eric Garcetti along with other government leaders, as well as members of the guilds, unions and businesses who supported the legislation are expected to attend.

A number of state legislative leaders also are expected to be on hand, as is Amy Lemisch, head of the California Film Commission.  

The governor is expected to use special pens to sign the bill, which will then be distributed to key players.

The exact time on Thursday morning and the place where the photo opportunity will be held is expected to be announced soon.

The new law is official once Brown signs it. That means the amount the state allocates increases from the current $100 million a year. There also are a number of other changes in the new law, including how it is administered.

The lottery system used in the past will be replaced by a priority rating based on how many jobs each application will create.