GQ Honors Its Men (and Woman) of the Year With Blowout Party

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for GQ
From left: Emilie Livingston, Henry Golding, Jeff Goldblum and Liv Lo

The Benedict Estate became Hollywood’s style center as Michael B. Jordan, Jonah Hill, Henry Golding and Serena Williams were all recognized by GQ magazine for their year of accomplishments.

Michael B. Jordan, Jonah Hill, Henry Golding and Serena WilliamsGQ's honorees at its annual Men of the Year party, presented by Fiji Water (this year also featuring women) — were joined Thursday night by guests John David Washington, Jeff Goldblum, Christian Slater and others at the private Benedict Estate in Beverly Hills, where the wet and chilly weather didn’t stop stars from partying long into the night.

Jordan was honored as GQ’s leader of the year; Hill was recognized as director of the year; Golding was named star of the year; and Williams was tapped as champion of the year for both her on-court and off-court dominance.

Kathy Griffin told The Hollywood Reporter what she admired most about the tennis legend: "She’s the GOAT. She does it all. She breaks barriers. Broke the glass ceiling. Does it all. Is a businesswoman. Is a badass. Legit athlete. Keeps going no matter what. Always handles difficult situations well, which, of course, I don’t," the comedian joked. "So I’ll watch her and go, 'Oh, I should have thought of that!’ She handles situations with grace when she has to and just pure brass balls when she has to, and who doesn’t love that?"

While the air outside was cold, once inside, guests were greeted by the warmth of crackling fires and six-foot-high pyramids of Moet champagne bottles. Low light and flickering candles gave the cavernous mansion a sultry feeling as guests chatted in dark corners and snacked on sliders, french fries and bacon-wrapped figs.

Kieran Culkin enjoyed the party, but said that his personal "man of the year" would be his Igby Goes Down co-star Jeff Goldblum. "Look at that gorgeous specimen," Culkin told THR as he watched Goldblum march down the carpet in a stylish electric-blue suit.

"He's always been amazing," Culkin added. "I was in a hotel in Seattle with him and he got up and saw a piano and he sits down, he starts killing it. He's taking requests from guests in this hotel lounge, and the party becomes people surrounding him at a piano watching him play."

While the inside of Thursday night's party was all Hollywood glamour, it was a different story for guests as they tried to leave. The dirt and gravel driveway quickly turned to mud and those donning designer shoes had to carefully pick their way through to avoid puddles as they approached the valet line.

However, neither cold nor dirt could dissuade the enthusiasm of John David Washington. He may not be GQ’s man of the year, but he could be the Golden Globes’ as he found out just a few hours earlier that he was nominated for best actor for his role in Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman.

Washington said that he celebrated with his father, Denzel Washington, who has three Golden Globe trophies of his own on the shelf. "I was with my old man, with my father. We hugged and shared some chicken wings together. That’s what we did. That’s how we celebrated. It was real," said the actor. "That’s what we do. We eat chicken wings."