Grab Analytics Teams With Twitter on Mobile Marketing

Grab Analytics is a mobile app analytics and marketing company founded in 2013 and backed by WME.

Mobile app analytics and marketing startup Grab has partnered with Twitter to launch a suite of tools that helps advertisers identify and track user behavior from Tweet to purchase. 

The Los Angeles company — which is backed by William Morris Endeavor and has worked with clients such as Disney, Fox Sports and Berman Braun — provides Twitter conversation tracking, retention analysis and customizable event reporting. It has combined with ad campaign creation and optimization platform Flightly to develop the marketing tool that gives advertisers insight into the user conversation flow and paints a full portrait of user acquisition behavior, allowing them to create targeted ad strategies. 

"We recognized early on that Twitter would be a formidable force in the mobile app promotion sphere," said Grab CEO Anthony Borquez. "Having the pleasure of working with Twitter for years to test and develop their ad product, we were able to leverage that intimate knowledge and experience to develop a finely tailored Twitter partner platform that I believe will revolutionize mobile app marketing."




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