Instagram User Grace Coddington Says She Hates Instagram

grace coddington - H 2015
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grace coddington - H 2015

The 'Vogue' creative director calls the app "pathetic."

Since Instagram first began to infiltrate the fashion world when it was launched in 2010, the app has become a divisive subject of controversy for industry vets — with everyone from designers to editors weighing in (and occasionally switching stances).

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The latest to share an opinion on the subject? Legendary Vogue creative director Grace Coddington, who, rather ironically, has been on Instagram since 2014. (Though her subject matter is primarily cats and her sketches of them.)


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While speaking with, Coddington did not hold back on her thoughts about the social app. "I hate Instagram, actually," she said. "I think it really interferes with people’s lives and things and it’s pathetic how everyone’s photographing everything they’re eating all the time." 

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However, the 74-year-old, who first shot into the spotlight after her appearance in the 2009 documentary, The September Issue, may have a reason to be miffed at Instagram: After posting a nude sketch of herself, Coddington was kicked off the app before later being reinstated.

"The first one I posted, my whole account got taken down because I was naked," she noted, "which was ironic: It’s a goddamn cartoon!"


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