Grace Coddington's New Perfume Involves Cats

Grace Coddington - P 2016
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Of course it does.

Aside from her work as Vogue's prolific creative director for more than 25 years, Grace Coddington is known for two things: her fiery, untamed mane and her undying love of cats

Her new project since stepping down from her position and settling in to a less hands-on role as Vogue's creative director-at-large involves the latter. The bottle of her new fragrance in collaboration with Comme des Garcons, Grace by Grace Coddington, is neatly packaged in a quirky cat-shaped bottle that was designed by Fabien Baron and inspired by Coddington's own cat sketches, which litter her Instagram feed. 

According to Vogue, the fragrance is a floral scent derived from the 74-year-old's love of roses. "My mother had a rose garden and it just never occurred to me to smell like any other smell except rose," she explains. Peach blossom and white musk accent the amber crystal-spiked Moroccan rose which defines the unique fragrance. (Personally, we're glad that cats didn't serve as inspiration in this case.)

Grace by Grace Coddington arrives in stores and online on April 19, just in time for spring.


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