Grace Coddington Wants to Make an Animated Film

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic
Grace Coddington

You hear that, Hollywood?

How do you top a successful three-decade career at the most revered fashion publication in the world? According to legendary Vogue editor Grace Coddington, the answer to that question is with an animated film. 

In the latest edition of Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner's Lenny Letter, Coddington reveals to deputy editor Laia Garcia that she's still got one unchecked box on her to-do list. "One thing that I would love, love, love to do is do an animated film," she says.

As with anything Coddington takes on, we have no doubt the film would be a success ("I have very high standards, and it has to live up to those standards every time," she notes). Plus, she's already dabbled in animation for Instagram, posting her signature cartoon kitties taking cat baths and playing dress-up as part of the promotion of her new perfume, Grace by Grace Coddington

The interview also touched on Coddington's style secrets, including her routine for making herself feel more in control and powerful. "I just make my hair bigger," she admits. "I turn it upside down and make my hair bigger." Perhaps Gretchen Weiners was on to something


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