Grace Coddington Talks Who Should Play Her In the Movie Adaptation of Her Life

grace coddington - H 2015
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grace coddington - H 2015

The fashion legend tossed around the names of a few English actresses (none of which are redheads) at the signing of her latest book on Monday evening.

Grace Coddington had at least one good reason for releasing her latest book, Grace: The American Vogue Years: "Better do it quick, right? I'm getting on," she joked at her book's launch at Calvin Klein's Madison Avenue store on Monday.

But in actuality, she explained, she had approached Phaidon to re-release her 2002 photo book (Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue) when they suggested she do another tome. "You couldn't get it anymore because it was selling for something like $10,000 on eBay or whatever it's called and I thought, that's wrong," she explained. "And they said, yes [we'll reissue], but let's do another one."


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Coddington teamed up with some pals, including Billy Norwich, who edited the book, and Michael Roberts, who did the cover art, and assisted with her 2012 memoir, Grace, which was optioned in 2015 by film production company A24. "It's a young company in New York and they've done some really amazing movies, like Room. They do a lot of movies, a lot of very cool movies. I hope something comes from it. We're looking for a director, writer," said Coddington.

As who she hopes to play her, well, "that's the big question," she laughed. "In my head, I'd like it to be focused on the early years, so it's not the me you know, it's more in the 1970s. It has to be someone quite young, and maybe we haven't found them yet, because first we have to write the movie, and the movie is a very long winded thing to do, you know. I've been talking about it for three, four years now. I love all the young British people like Saoirse [Ronan] and Kiera Knightley and Carey Mulligan, she's in there," she added. "I would like it to be a British person and an English director would be great, because I'd like to keep and English sense."