'Grace and Frankie': Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda on Their First Double Emmy Nomination

Courtesy of Netflix

"We are hoping that we both skunk Julia Louis[-Dreyfus] out by a hair and we win by a tie," said Tomlin.

This year, for the first time in Grace & Frankie's three seasons, there is an Emmy nomination for both Frankie and Grace. 

"I hadn’t even heard about nominations because I go in at 5 a.m. to get fitted for my wig," recalls Lily Tomlin of nominations morning. "Jane [Fonda] and I have a makeup trailer that shares a door, and she comes in and opens the door and says 'Hey! We both got nominated.'"

Tomlin had already been nominated twice before for the Netflix series, which this season saw her and Fonda co-launch a sex toy business aimed at older women. For Fonda, this was her first time receiving a nod for her role as the perpetually polished Grace. 

"It is difficult when there are two title characters and one gets nominated, one doesn’t," says Fonda, adding that she never minded the lack of awards recognition. "Everyone was going, ‘Oh, poor Jane,’ but that is not how I felt."

For both Tomlin and Fonda, Grace & Frankie is already a win in terms of representation for older women on the screen.

"Both Lily and I feel strongly that we really want to do and love doing this show because we know it is not often that older women are given a platform to be multidimensional and funny and sad and weird," Fonda says.

The two have already shot season four of the series, which they are looking forward to releasing in 2018. Between now and then, the duo still has to get through Emmys night.

Tomlin explained her best-case-scenario, saying, "We are hoping that we both skunk Julia [Louis-Dreyfus] out by a hair and we win by a tie."

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