Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart Want RuPaul on Their YouTube Show 'This Might Get'

The duo also explain why their new show is like Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb's 'Today' hour, but "something for the digital space that feels a little younger.”

Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart have created successful careers in the digital space respectively, but they’re joining comedic forces for their YouTube series This Might Get. The Hollywood Reporter In Studio visited the stars on the set of their show to talk how the idea came about, their dream guest-stars and more.

Speaking on how the idea of This Might Get came about, Helbig explains, “It’s been kind of a morphosis idea that we’ve had for a couple years now, but we always knew we wanted to do something together. We love Kathy [Lee] and Hoda [Kotb], but we wanted to figure out what is something for the digital space that feels a little younger.”

The pair teamed up with Studio 71 to produce the show and This Might Get was born. Viewers can expect to see plenty of cameos from their fellow YouTube creators, as well as experts in other fields like Bitcoin and drones. “We think it’s cool to have our normal cast of characters and friends come in that we’ve done videos with before but then also feature really cool channels that might not be as well known,” Hart said.

As far as dream guest-stars go, Helbig has her eye on two famous drag queens. “I really, really want Trixie [Mattel] and Katya,” Helbig said. “Mamrie’s been on their show so it’s only right that they would return the favor.”

“I’m going to say RuPaul. I want Ru on here,” Hart added. “I’ve loved RuPaul since the ‘Love Shack’ video.”